Web3 Memecoin with Dex and Web Wallet

Store and Trade Crypto asset using Shibamask Web Wallet.

No Slippage on Buy/Sale
(If you see error in buy/sell then try high slippage) .

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The $SHBMA Token

Passive Income

Every transaction using $SHBMA has a 2% deduction that is allocated to our pool of holders. It means that simply holding it will result in the quantity of tokens automatically increasing every day as the community transacts.

Deflationary burning

A further 2% of all transactions is removed from circulation, implying that our token supply is always dropping and your $SHBMA is increasing in value over time. We've already started with 62% of the tokens burned.

No whales

Earnings are expected for everyone, but we want profit to be shared equally. $SHBMA is programmed in such a way that it inhibits large wallet holders (whales) from attempting to influence the price in their favour or selling out.

How to buy ShibaMask

1. Download Trust Wallet + MetaMask

Make an account, and set your recovery phase.

2. Purchase BNB on an Exchange

Then, withdraw the BNB over to Trust Wallet.

3. Continue on PancakeSwap

Copy the ShibaMask Token Address below.

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What is Shibamask [SHBMW]?

ShibaMask is a community driven coin that is on a mission to grow to be known worldwide. It is backed by products like NFT Market and Crypto Wallet where one can store investments. Offers a wide variety of fun interaction to its holders in the form of apps, NFTs, airdrops, staking and earning Shibamask Tokens with every NFT Mint.

What is Total Supply?

Total supply -1,000,000,000,000,000 Burnt tokens will be directly reduce from the Total Supply and will be transferred to 'Burn accounts'.

What is unique about ShibaMask[SHBMW]?

Holders friendly- The coin offers you the chance of passive income.
(Soon we will launch a Mobile Wallet to support our project.)
No Tax/Slippage on Buy and Normal Transfer between Two Wallets,1% Slippage on Sell

What's the roadmap/utility?

Shibamask is launched through trustworthy OXBULL Platform and aims to add more value to crypto world. -Smart Contract -Launch Platform -Giveaways, Contest -Airdrops and NFTs -Staking -Social Media

Why Shiba with Mask?

-ShibaMask is a decentralized dog-themed meme based cryptocurrency and has enoromous potential to give good returns. Adding value by passive income one can earn from Staking, NFT Market(where you can mint to get rewards) and a Cryptowallet(Stalk, Buy and Sell directly from the app).

Do meme coins have any actual merit?

-The word ‘meme’ is generally a humorous take on any real event. Very few memecoin have use cases, for survival meme coins need to have use cases through which buyers can utilise them.